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Connection to Yourself

My goal is to help you establish a you that makes you feel empowered regardless of the pressures of others (or even pressures you're putting on yourself).


That may involve exploring what values are important to you and practicing them on a regular basis. Maybe it's reimagining and shifting on a different path than you thought life would take you. Or maybe it's having someone's support as you cope with injustices and systemic oppression that impact your mental health and wellness. 

Here are some topics where you may want support:

  • Addressing concerns around anxiety and depression

  • Identifying coping skills that help in the moment

  • Learning about yourself and your patterns

  • Improving self esteem and self confidence

  • Coping with pressures and negativity from others including race, gender, sexuality, and  class oppression

  • Processing life transitions, grief, and trauma

  • Finding appropriate ways to manage feelings

  • Practicing substance use harm reduction or abstinence

  • Developing anger management strategies

  • Preparing for upcoming transitions

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