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Relationships can feel complicated but I've worked with people to help them understand how they show up in these dynamics in addition to understanding others better. I strongly believe in the power of community!​

Together, we will figure out healthier ways for you to act, communicate, strive to be a realistic version of #relationshipgoals and #friendshipgoals, and more content overall.

Here are some goals that clients I've worked with have set:

  • Taking steps to grow their circle

  • Addressing wounds connected to relationships

  • Improving self esteem and self confidence

  • Increasing intimacy and closeness

  • Shifting patterns to align with who they want to be

  • Confronting "bad" behavior

  • Improving their communication

  • Finding appropriate ways to manage feelings including coping skills to use in the moment

  • Preparing their relationship for the "next step"

  • Addressing mental health concerns that impact interactions with others

  • Learning about themselves and their patterns

  • Exploring new possibilities including polyamory or monogamy

  • Coping with pressures and negativity from others including race, gender, sexuality, and  class oppression

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