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Therapy Goals

Many of my clients either struggle with being kind to themselves, holding themselves accountable, or in most cases both! They feel the only way to change is to beat themselves up about their actions or they continue to make excuses for the change they can't seem to make. 

What if you could do BOTH?? Wouldn't that be awesome?!

I'm here to show you how to make that happen. And, as a result, you'll end up feeling more connected to yourself, the goals you have for future you, and others! Together, we will find a way that makes sense for you!

Ready to learn more? 

Our aim would be:

Your Connection to Yourself: Helping you be your healthiest you

Your Connection to Your Future: Who do you want to be or do and how do we get you there


Your Connection to Others: Building stronger relationships with others whether that's romantic relationships (polyamorous, open, non-monogamous, or monogamous), family, friends, coworkers, etc.

Although I have experience with many areas of mental health and wellness, I find that the majority of my work revolves around:

managing emotions



life transitions 

identity (including race, sexuality, gender, gender expression, among other things)

romantic relationships (polyamorous and monogamous)

family relationships



goal setting

or a combination of these.

If the above specialties are not connected to why you're currently seeking therapy but you believe I may still be the therapist for you, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss.

Your Connection to Your Clinical Practice: 

In addition to providing individual and couples therapy, I also offer Clinical Supervision for California Clinicians!

I'm excited to offer my support and guidance especially to BIPOC Clinicians prioritizing authentic and culturally aware clinical services. 

Interested in how I can assist on your journey? Me too! 

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